The Adventures of Space Giraffe!

Space Giraffe! He’s the giraffe that travels through space! Most giraffes can’t travel through space, but this giraffe can because he’s Space Giraffe!

Space Giraffe! His powers come from an experiment gone wrong! A space experiment!

Space Giraffe! He battles evil space poachers! They’re trying to poach Space Giraffe, not space itself, just to be clear!

Space Giraffe! His bitter enemies are the nefarious Astrorhinoceroses of Rhinocon 5! Space Giraffe must stop them from stealing the Medallion and controlling the Serengetiverse! The Space Medallion!

Space Giraffe! He zooms through space at the speed of giraffe! He eats spaces leaves from space trees! He falls in love with the beautiful Princess Giraffica of the Giraffic Empire! Space love!

Space Giraffe! Coming soon to your television! Space Giraffe! Space Giraffe has been cancelled!

Space Giraffe!!!

2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Space Giraffe!

  1. Panda Rosa

    I just wanna know if they’ll ever reissue the Space Giraffe Action Figures again. Hope not, because that means the ones I have are worth a fortune!