Less Popular Discovery Channel Theme Weeks

Some Shit About Fishing That Doesn’t Feature Sharks Week

A Bunch of Fat Middle-Aged Guys Flip Houses or Go to Auctions or Whatever, Jesus, Who Cares? Week

I Think We Have a Show About Hutterites? No, Wait, They’re Amish. Whatever, Like They’ll Even Know the Difference Week

Everyday Jobs Made Dramatic By Calling Them Cowboys or Something Week

Shows About Cars and Drivers and You Know, Stuff Like That Week

Hey, We’ve Got a Show About Naked People, We Guess We Might As Well Play That a Lot Week

Remember Cash Cab? That’s Still a Thing. Or Maybe We’re Just Running Repeats, We’re Not Even Sure Week

Holy Shit, We Have Two Shows About Bigfoot? Why? Never Mind, Fuck It, We’re Doing Bigfoot Week

And We’ve Got Like Five Shows About Alaska, So Alaska Week Pretty Much Does Itself Week

Factual Presentations Week