Internet Job Titles Explained

Blogger: I am a housewife and/or teenager.

Vlogger: I am an attention whoring housewife and/or teenager.

Social Media Specialist: I dropped out of university because I spent all my time using Twitter and Facebook.

SEO Specialist: I can make your content more appealing to Google and less appealing to human beings.

Anything with “Rockstar,” “Jedi” or “Ninja” in it: I work for a company that will be defunct in six months.

Humourist: I’m too pretentious to call myself a comedy writer.

Comedy Writer: I’m not witty enough to call myself a humourist.

Freelance Writer: If the law didn’t stop me I would eat you and put the money saved on groceries towards rent.

2 thoughts on “Internet Job Titles Explained

  1. melissa

    I dont know who you are or what you look like Mark Hill, but I think I love YOU! I just read your article: 5 Things You Didn’t know about Depression (or something like that) because I suffer from depression and have been especially miserable the last several days (ready to throw myself in front of a bus made of swords) and I have not been able to laugh or crack a smile, but reading your article made me laugh to tears (that could be the depression though). THANK YOU for making me laugh and now I can cry again.