Historical Upworthy Headlines

Everyone Thought This Young Man From Nazareth Was Crazy. Then People Started Listening To Him.

The Romans Didn’t Take This Slave Leader Seriously. They Won’t Make That Mistake Again.

An Inventor Calls It A Light Bulb. I Call It Amazing.

These British And German Soldiers Were Told To Shoot Bullets At Each Other. They Decided To Shoot Soccer Balls Instead.

You’ll Never Believe Where This Influenza That’s Infected 500 Million People Began

Don’t Read This Jewish Girl’s Diary If You Don’t Want To Cry

They Tried To Make This Heroic Woman Sit At The Back of The Bus. She Decided To Stand Up Instead.

This Black Minister’s Dream Is Way More Inspiring Than Any Dream I’ve Ever Had

The President Wanted To Give A Stirring Speech In Dallas. But This One Awful Man Had Other Ideas.

I Loved The Graffiti On The Berlin Wall. But I Loved Watching What Happened To It Today Even More.

Wow, You’ll Never Guess What Political System Completely Collapsed Today

2 thoughts on “Historical Upworthy Headlines

  1. Kirk

    Hello, Mark Hill;
    I have recently stumbled across this blog (via cracked.com) and would have read all your posts in a few hours if I didn’t have ten other tabs open vying for my attention, and the evolutionary requirement to sleep (deprivations a bitch). I finished it today, and have returned from my trip backwards in time to tell you to keep it up. Honestly, this website has a lot of humor that I enjoyed, from the open letter to the barking dog, to the Los Santos police blotter, to the Coffee Store Genesis.
    Because I enjoyed it, I will come back almost daily to ensure I never miss a post. When you update, I’ll be happy. When you go long times without updating, I’ll be sad. And even if you never see me comment again, rest assured I’ll be in the shadows, always clicking refresh, always reading.
    I think that is all I have presently to say. As such, I wish a farewell, and a quick return!