Future Scandals of the Obama Administration

Sandalgate – President Obama is spotted wearing socks with sandals. The birther conspiracy is reignited as conservative commentators cite this fashion faux pas as proof of Obama’s lack of respect for American culture and customs.

Gategate – President Obama accidentally closes a White House gate on John Boehner’s foot. Pundits argue that this is a subconscious example of his unwillingness to work with Republicans. Budget negotiations are delayed for six weeks as the GOP protests.

Bogate – Bo Obama refuses to shake hands with Benjamin Netanyahu during a diplomatic visit. Republicans question the President’s commitment to Israel, while conservative talk show hosts claim that this is further evidence that Obama’s loyalties lie with the Islamic world. Commentary on Free Republic states that “the Antichrist obozo trained his devil dog well.”

Dronegate – A drone attack in tribal Pakistan kills 27 children. Conservatives defend Obama and his “bold leadership in the War on Terror.”