A Story About A Man’s Struggle With Sexual Addiction and How it Almost Ruined His Relationship Before His Friend Helped Him, As Told Through Haikus Assembled From Phrases In Spam Emails Advertising Pills That Will Supposedly Make Your Penis Bigger

My friend is jealous
He saw how I could work crowds
Fantastic results

All local pussies
Your erection will be huge
Ultimate control

You could get any girl
Love guru to sex magnet
But what cost to pay?

Want free local sluts?
Sexual activity
But is it for you?

How are you doing?
What if I told you that you
Could change your world

Trust me on this friend
Make sure your chick is happy
And you will be great

I wish to tell you
Fill your intimate moments
With more joy and love

This will change your life
Solutions available
Time is running out

Tell her you love her
Never disappoint again
You won’t let her down

Your girl will love you
It’s going to be super hard
But you can do it

How are you keeping?
Your problems with chicks are done