Monthly Archives: April 2016

Memes I Failed To Make Go Viral

Socratic Dialogue Seahorse

Reasonable Ex-Girlfriend

Just Pictures Of Hugh Jackman With No Text Added Because We Shouldn’t Put Words In Hugh Jackman’s Mouth

A Picture Of A House That Offers Sound Real Estate Investment Advice That I Never Thought Of A Clever Name For

Respectful of Life Choices Larry

The “Most Political Issues Are Actually Incredibly Complex So Let’s Not Distill Them Into A Couple Snarky Sentences And In Doing So Destroy The Nuance That Surrounds Them” Baby

Willy Wonka Says Something In Earnest Seriousness But It Accidentally Comes Across As Sarcastic And He Feels Bad About It

A Dog That Can’t Say Anything Because It’s Just A Dog

Masturbating Giraffe